Creative Mill Art Expo As part of their 20th anniversary celebration in 2013, Randall-Paulson Architects decided to open their doors to friends, family, clients, and the public for an art show featuring staff and local artists called The Creative Mill Art Exposition. Inspired by National Arts and Humanities Month as well as this major milestone in their business, Randall-Paulson was the first creative business to sign up to host a NAHM event that year and featured 20 employees and local artists. In 2014, RPA decided to host the event and held the art show the same week in October for NAHM. By this time, the show had expanded to over 30 participants – including employees and local artists. Each year the show has continued to grow with more artists and visitor participation. Randall-Paulson Architects is returning as host of the 7th annual Creative Mill Art Exposition. The event has tripled in size featuring over 60 artists. Pieces displayed range from paintings, photography, drawings, pottery, turned wood pieces, and other creations by local artists and staff members. In order to prepare for the show this year, employees of RPA have been given the opportunity to spend time in Creative Mill Workshops that the firm hosts once a month. Here, the artists have the opportunity to work around other artists and receive immediate feedback and critiques from their peers. If you take pictures, please be sure to use the hashtag - #creativemill.